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Fanuc CRX Collaborative Series

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Fanuc CRX Collaborative Series

The Fanuc CRX collaborative series make ideal robotic automation solutions for manufacturers in a variety of robotics industries. Fanuc CRX collaborative robots deliver superior production output and are quick to implement into your automation. Fanuc CRX robots boast some of the most reliable automation solutions in the market today.

The Fanuc CRX collaborative robots offer high-quality CNC automation and ensure your production meets OEM specifications and industry standards. Like with most Fanuc robots, the CRX collaborative series is flexible for a variety of automation solutions. The 6-axis rotation and extended reach provide more flexibility and freedom to your line.

The CRX Cobot Reinforces the Fanuc Standard

The CRX collaborative series cobots provide a new level of industry-leading technology. These industrial robots work in tandem along with human workers providing efficient production output. CRX cobots are equipped with several safety features, allow for manual guidance and are quick and easy to program with a touchscreen pendant.

The CRX series allows technicians to connect grippers or change other automation parts with ease. Additionally, these cobots have a sensitive touch detection feature that ceases operations when human workers approach to avoid injury and potential damage to the product.

The CRX series builds on Fanuc's CNC experience and provides advanced automation solutions, making these Fanuc robots some of the industry’s most cutting edge robots. Let the CRX collaborative series take your manufacturing to the next level.