Fanuc Series 16/18/21 Model A/B/C

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The Fanuc Series 16/18/21 Model A/B/C is a comprehensive product category that encompasses a wide range of control units and options for various industrial applications. This category is specifically designed for those in the manufacturing and automation industries who require precise and reliable control systems for their machines.

One of the key products in this category is the A02B-0238-B612 - 10.4 INCH COLOR 18iA DUAL PATH CONTROL. This control unit offers a 10.4-inch color display and is capable of dual path control, making it an ideal choice for complex machining operations. It provides operators with clear and intuitive visualization of machine processes, ensuring efficient and accurate control.

Another noteworthy product is the A02B-0210-B511 - 2 SLOT 21TB CONTROL. This control unit is specifically designed for the 21TB control system and features two slots, providing sufficient flexibility for customization. It offers a reliable and user-friendly interface for operators to efficiently manage and monitor machine processes.

Additionally, the A02B-0216-B501 - 18 TB CONTROL is a highly capable control unit that is compatible with the 18 TB control system. It offers reliable and precise control for various machining operations. Its advanced features and sturdy design make it a reliable choice for industrial applications.

The Fanuc Series 16/18/21 Model A/B/C also includes various other control units such as the 16 TA CONTROL, 16 TTA CONTROL, 16 MA CONTROL, and many more. Each control unit is designed to cater to specific requirements and offers advanced features to enhance machine performance and productivity.

Overall, the Fanuc Series 16/18/21 Model A/B/C product category provides a comprehensive range of control units and options for the manufacturing and automation industries. These products are known for their reliability, precision, and advanced features, making them a preferred choice for industrial applications. With the Fanuc Series 16/18/21 Model A/B/C, operators can expect efficient and accurate control over their machines, leading to improved productivity and quality in their manufacturing processes.