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Fanuc Discharge Unit

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The Fanuc Discharge Unit category includes a wide range of products designed to provide effective discharge solutions for various industrial applications. With products ranging from discharge units to resistors, this category offers a diverse selection to meet different requirements.

The A06B-6089-H500 Discharge Unit is a reliable option for applications that require a 16-ohm, 200W discharge unit. It provides efficient discharge capabilities while maintaining optimal performance. Similarly, the A06B-6089-H510 offers the same specifications, ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.

For applications requiring an 8-ohm, 800W discharge unit, the A06B-6089-H711 is an ideal choice. It features a FAN configuration, adding versatility to its functionality. The A06B-6089-H712 and A06B-6089-H713 also provide 8-ohm discharge capabilities but with different power outputs of 1200W and 800W respectively.

The A06B-6050-H052 and A06B-6130-H401 Discharge Units are additional options available in this category, providing reliable discharge solutions for specific industrial requirements. Both products are designed to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

The A06B-6047-H050 and A06B-6047-H110 Discharge Units offer different discharge specifications, meeting diverse industry demands. With their unique features and capabilities, they provide effective discharge solutions for various applications.

Furthermore, the A06B-6058-H191 and A06B-6058-H192 Discharge Units are specifically designed to offer 3.6-ohm and 8-ohm discharge capabilities respectively. These units are well-suited for applications that demand high power outputs of 2000W and 800W.

In addition to discharge units, the category also includes dynamic braking units like the A06B-6070-H600, which ensures efficient energy dissipation and braking control. The A06B-6081-H050 Discharge Unit offers a 16-ohm option for applications requiring specific resistance specifications.

Lastly, the A06B-6093-H401 and A06B-6093-H402 Discharge Units provide reliable options for various industry applications, guaranteeing efficient discharge performance.

To enhance the effectiveness of the discharge units, the category also features the A40L-0001-0191 Discharge Resistor. With a resistance rating of 15 ohms, this resistor ensures safe and efficient discharge operations.

In summary, the Fanuc Discharge Unit category encompasses a diverse range of products, providing reliable and efficient discharge solutions for various industrial applications. With a wide selection of discharge units and resistors, this category offers versatility in meeting different resistance and power requirements.