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The Cable category offers a wide range of cables and connectors that are essential in various electronic and electrical systems. These cables are designed to transmit data and power efficiently, ensuring smooth operation and reliable connections.

One of the key products in this category is the POSITION CODER CONNECTOR KIT, A06B-6088-K211. This kit includes all the necessary connectors for position coder installation, making it convenient and hassle-free. Another notable product is the RS-232 PUNCH PANEL W/ 1M CABLE, A02B-0072-C061, which provides a reliable connection for RS-232 devices.

The RS-232 CABLE, A02B-0098-C222, A02B-0072-C062, A02B-0087-C253, A02B-0083-C180, A02B-0168-C052, A02B-0094-C110, and A02B-0094-C111, are all designed to facilitate data transfer in RS-232 systems. These cables are essential for connecting devices such as computers, printers, and modems.

For fiber optic applications, the N/S FIBER OPTIC CABLE and N/S SHEATHED FIBER OPTIC CABLE are available in various lengths, including 5 meters, 7 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters, and 20 meters. These cables, such as A66L-6001-0009#L10R03, A66L-6001-0009#L15R03, A66L-6001-0009#L20R03, A66L-6001-0021#L20R03, A66L-6001-0023#L150R0, A66L-6001-0023#L300R0, A66L-6001-0026#L10R03, A66L-6001-0026#L5R003, and A66L-6001-0026#L7R003, are designed to provide secure and efficient transmission of data through fiber optic technology.

Moreover, the Cable category also includes accessories such as SET OF 8 CABLE CLAMPS, A02B-0124-K001, which are essential for cable management and organization.

Whether you are setting up a new electronic system, replacing a faulty cable, or expanding your existing setup, the Cable category offers a diverse range of cables and connectors to meet your needs. These products are designed with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability.

In summary, the Cable category provides customers with an extensive selection of cables and connectors that are vital for establishing and maintaining efficient connections in electronic and electrical systems. With a focus on quality and reliability, these products ensure seamless data transmission and power delivery, making them essential for a wide range of applications.