Robot Refurbishment and In-Depth Evaluation at T.I.E.

T.I.E., where our commitment to quality and precision in robot refurbishment sets us apart. With a rich history of refurbishing hundreds of Fanuc Robots, our expert engineers to essential parts allowing us to provide robots that meet and exceed OEM specifications. Our process, honed over years of experience, ensures that every robot we refurbish performs at its peak, offering you a reliable and efficient automation solution. Discover how we redefine excellence in robotics in the world of our comprehensive robot evaluation and refurbishment process.

Affordable Automation Solutions that Meet all OEM Specifications for Durability and Repeatability

At T.I.E. we've perfected the art of refurbishing hundreds of Fanuc Robots, as well as furnishing new Fanuc Robots. Our extensive experience, state-of-the-art technology and professionals at T.I.E enable us to meet and exceed OEM specifications.

The T.I.E. Comprehensive Evaluation Process

At T.I.E. we specialize in transforming pre-owned Fanuc Robots into high-performing automation assets. Our process, blending technical proficiency with state-of-the-art technology, T.I.E. guarantees robots that adhere to OEM standards for durability and repeatability. We emphasize providing cost-effective automation solutions without compromising on quality.

Our seasoned technicians, leveraging their extensive experience and access to original components, meticulously revitalize each robot, ensuring they surpass the industry benchmarks for performance and reliability.

Robot Refurbishment with Unmatched Precision

Our evaluation process for Fanuc Robots is designed to be exhaustive and detail-oriented. We begin with a comprehensive pre-power inspection, analyzing the intricacies of each component, including cables, connectors and mechanical parts, to identify any potential issues. This is followed by a series of stringent performance tests, where robots undergo hours of continuous operation under full payload, meticulously assessing their repeatability and durability against OEM standards.

Post-testing, our experts conduct another in-depth analysis and compile a thorough report. This process guarantees that each robot meets our standards and ensures that our customers receive a robot ready to deliver optimal performance in diverse industrial settings.

Controller Refurbishment

  • Thorough cleaning of the controller cabinet, inside and out.
  • Detailed inspection for OEM Engineering Changes.
  • Comprehensive cleaning and checking of all PCBs and connector contacts.
  • Replacement of fan filters and cooling fans, as needed.
  • Battery replacements and optional memory board file deletion.
  • Optional painting and final functionality tests of the Teach Pendant.

Mechanical Refurbishment

  • Complete cleaning and disconnection of all cable connectors.
  • Thorough cleaning of drive components and replacement of lubricants to meet OEM standards.
  • Optional robot painting and adjustment of over-travel limit switches.
  • Installation of witness marks to track usage.
  • A final verification test, including a minimum of 50 cycles, to ensure perfect operation and connection integrity.

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