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Fanuc PCB I/O

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The Fanuc PCB I/O category consists of a wide range of products designed for industrial control systems. These products play a crucial role in facilitating communication and data transfer between different components within these systems.

One of the products in this category is the A16B-2202-0690 - SINK TYPE POWER C 104/72 I/O PCB. This specific PCB is designed to offer sink type power control for a system with 104 input and 72 output channels. It provides efficient power management and control, ensuring smooth operation of the entire industrial control system.

Another product in this category is the A16B-1210-0820 - ZERO A A1 I/O PCB. Designed for high precision control applications, this PCB offers zero control capabilities for high accuracy operations. It is equipped with multiple input and output channels, allowing for seamless data transfer and real-time control.

The A20B-1000-0950 - 10/11 CONTROL I/O CONNECTION UNIT PCB is another valuable product within this category. This PCB is specifically built for the connection and integration of various input and output devices in a control system. It is capable of handling up to 10/11 control units, providing a streamlined and efficient setup.

The Fanuc PCB I/O category also includes specialized products such as the A13B-0154-B001 - STANDARD TYPE OPTICAL I/O LINK ADAPTER. This adapter enables the integration of optical I/O link devices into the control system, expanding the system's capabilities and compatibility with different devices.

Overall, the Fanuc PCB I/O category encompasses a wide range of products that are essential for industrial control systems. These products enable efficient communication, data transfer, and control, ensuring the smooth operation of industrial processes. Whether it is sink type power control, zero control capabilities, connection units, or specialized adapters, Fanuc PCB I/O products provide reliable and versatile solutions for industrial control systems.