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Fanuc Servo PCBs

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The Fanuc Servo PCBs category includes a wide range of products designed specifically for servo drive control systems. These PCBs, or printed circuit boards, play a crucial role in the operation and functionality of servo drives, ensuring smooth and precise movement in various automated applications.

One of the products in this category is the A20B-1001-0410 - SERVO DRIVE PCB, which provides reliable control and power supply to servo drives. Another product, the A20B-0005-0590 - PCB FOR 6035-C150 DRIVE, is designed for the 6035-C150 drive, offering enhanced performance and efficiency.

The A20B-0007-0360 and A20B-0007-0361 are servo drive PCBs for the 6045 model, featuring a built-in power supply option in the former and an option without the power supply in the latter. These PCBs ensure optimal functionality and durability for the servo drive system.

The A20B-0007-0950 - SERVO UNIT PCB is another notable product in this category, providing precise control and efficient power distribution for servo units. It ensures the smooth operation of servo-driven machinery.

For analog servo drives, the A16B-1200-0810 - ANALOG SERVO DRIVE PCB is available, offering reliable control and superior performance. The A16B-2201-0020 variant is specifically designed for AC servo drives, providing accurate control and enhanced efficiency.

The A20B-0006-0500 and A20B-0006-0700 are part of the L Series of DC servo drive PCBs, designed for 6042 drives. These PCBs offer advanced control features and robust construction, suitable for demanding applications.

The A20B-0010-0130 - 6050 SINGLE AXIS SERVO DRIVE PCB is tailored for single-axis applications, ensuring precise control and excellent performance. Variants such as A20B-1000-0560#0019, A20B-1000-0560#AB, A20B-1000-0560#C, A20B-1000-0560#D, A20B-1000-0560#E, and A20B-1000-0560#F are available for the 6050 single-axis AC servo drive PCB model, each with different specific revisions offering various performance enhancements and compatibility options.

These Fanuc Servo PCBs provide the necessary control and power distribution for servo drives, ensuring efficient and precise operation. With their high-quality construction and advanced features, these PCBs are essential components in servo drive systems, making them reliable and dependable for a wide range of industrial applications.