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Fanuc S Series

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Fanuc Series Robot

The Fanuc S series is a premium heavy payload floor mounted robot. The S series has been designed for a variety of spot welding and material handling applications. It is ideal for applications that require precision, repeatability, and deliver a quality output. These heavy payload robots are designed to allow fast cycle times and long reach. With a payload span of 125-165 KG these robots can optimize your production line and enhance your productivity. The Fanuc S series robots are an older line that is still being used widely in OEM applications and can act as a great introduction to robotics, depending on your manufacturing niche.

The Fanuc technology gives S series robots greater flexibility and makes them more adaptable to the needs of various production lines. With this flexibility, the S series robots have been designed to excel in any manufacturing environment, keeping your business profitable. In addition, the S series robots are more adaptable with multiple axes and compact joints, which will make up the vital components of your automation. Make Fanuc the cornerstone of your automation and grow your business today.

Fanuc Robots Set the Automation Industry Standard 

S series robots by Fanuc are some of the most advanced in the industry, incorporating cutting-edge technology. These Fanuc robots help production lines increase quality, boost productivity and bring industry standards to an even greater level. Browse our catalog of refurbished parts and automation supplies to enhance your manufacturing line. Then, contact our team of Fanuc experts to learn how S series robots can make your production thrive.