Fanuc R-2000 Series

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Fanuc R-2000 Series Robots

The Fanuc R Series robots are a high-precision robot family ready to be deployed in your manufacturing environment. This robot series is ideal for applications involving medium payloads, including welding, palletizing and handling. Compact and lightweight, the R Series Fanuc robots feature onboard positioning accuracy and compact spot welding applications. 

The Fanuc R Series robots are purpose-built for high-density applications, with maximum speed and efficiency. The series offers all of the robust features that make Fanuc industrial robots top performers in the automation industry. In addition, the Fanuc R Series comes in a smaller package that saves space and makes high-speed palletizing possible.

The R Series is one of the manufacturing industry's most successful FANUC robot series. This robot is compact, high speed and slim. It is designed for all material handling applications, and robotic spot welding needs with reductions in size and weight of the mechanical unit, rigid yet light arms and state-of-the-art motion control technology. You can rest assured that it will act as a seamless piece of your production needs. Fanuc R robots promote maximum flexibility and ensure your line remains efficient and effective under any conditions.

Achieve Top-Tier Productivity WIth R-2000 Series Robots

The Fanuc technology gives the R Series robots greater flexibility and the ability to work on more complex production lines. In addition, with its compact design, the R Series robots can be installed in any part of your production line, giving you the tools you need to excel in any manufacturing industry.