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Fanuc Display PCBs

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Fanuc Display PCBs are a category of electronic circuit boards specifically designed for use in Fanuc display systems. These display systems are commonly used in industrial automation applications, where they provide visual feedback and control interfaces for machines and processes.

The Fanuc Display PCB category includes a wide range of products, each designed for a specific purpose within the display system. Some of the notable products in this category include the A20B-3300-0151, an 8.4-inch color graphic module that provides high-resolution display capabilities. The A20B-1000-0970 and A20B-1000-0990 are CRT baseboard and controller PCBs, respectively, which are responsible for driving the cathode ray tube (CRT) displays commonly found in Fanuc systems.

There are also various control interface PCBs in this category, such as the A20B-0006-0030 and A20B-0007-0020, which provide external DPL/MDI interface capabilities. These boards allow operators to control the machine or process through a separate control panel, providing convenience and flexibility.

Additionally, the Fanuc Display PCB category includes several graphic PCBs, such as the A20B-1000-0480 and A20B-1000-0500, which offer enhanced graphic capabilities for detailed visual representation. These boards are commonly used in applications where graphical information is crucial for effective monitoring and control.

Furthermore, there are specialized PCBs within this category, such as the A20B-1002-0700 and A20B-1002-0710, which are part of the MMC (Manual Machine Control) system. These main and sub CPU boards are responsible for processing and controlling the manual input commands, ensuring precise and reliable machine operation.

Overall, the Fanuc Display PCB category is a comprehensive collection of circuit boards that form an integral part of Fanuc display systems. These boards enable the display of critical information, provide control interfaces, and enhance graphical capabilities, thus playing a crucial role in industrial automation. Whether it is facilitating operator input, driving displays, or enhancing visuals, these PCBs ensure efficient and reliable operation of Fanuc display systems.