Fanuc Linear Motor

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The Fanuc Linear Motor category consists of a range of products designed to provide precise motion control and positioning in various industrial applications. These products utilize advanced technology and engineering to deliver superior performance and accuracy.

The category includes a variety of linear motor detector circuits, such as the A860-0331-T001, A860-0332-T002, and A860-0333-T002, which are essential components for detecting and measuring the position of linear motors. These detector circuits ensure optimal performance and allow for real-time monitoring and control of linear motor movements.

In addition, the category features different options for linear motor magnet plates, including the A06B-0410-B932, A06B-0413-B921, A06B-0413-B923, and A06B-0414-B923 models. These magnet plates are crucial for generating the necessary magnetic field required to drive the linear motors. They are designed to provide exceptional power and force, enabling efficient and precise linear motion.

Another key product in this category is the A860-0333-T201 linear motor position detector. This position detector offers high accuracy and reliability in measuring the position of linear motors, ensuring precise control and monitoring of movements. It is an essential component in applications that demand high positional accuracy.

Furthermore, the category includes the A06B-0413-B924 linear motor magnet plate, which delivers enhanced performance and efficiency in linear motor systems. It features advanced technology and high magnetic flux density, enabling superior motor performance and increased productivity.

For applications requiring high-resolution control and positioning, the A860-0333-T501 and A860-0333-T701 high-resolution serial circuits are available. These circuits provide precise and accurate feedback on the position and velocity of linear motors, enabling finer control and smoother operation.

The Fanuc Linear Motor category offers a wide range of products that are trusted and widely used in various industrial sectors. These products provide exceptional performance, reliability, and accuracy, meeting the demands of even the most challenging motion control applications. Whether you require linear motor detector circuits, magnet plates, position detectors, or high-resolution serial circuits, this category offers the solutions you need for efficient and precise motion control.