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Fanuc R-2000iC Series

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The Embodiment of Accuracy and Versatility: The Fanuc R-2000-iC Series 

The Fanuc R-2000iC series is a remarkable example of the blend of precision and versatility in industrial robotics. As part of Fanuc's esteemed R-2000 series, the R-2000iC models are designed to meet the dynamic needs of various industries, showcasing Fanuc's leadership in delivering innovative and efficient automation solutions. These robots are known for their enhanced reach and payload capabilities tailored for tasks that demand exceptional strength and precision.

Fanuc R-2000iC Robots Series Are A Leading Choice for Manufacturers 

The R-2000iC series includes several models, each tailored for specific industrial applications. The Fanuc R-2000iC/165F, for example, is lauded for its refined balance of payload capacity and agility, ideal for complex assembly tasks and material handling. Another significant model, the R-2000iC/210F, stands out for its higher payload capacity, suitable for heavier lifting and precision placement tasks. Each Fanuc robot in this series reflects Fanuc's commitment to high-quality engineering, designed to optimize performance across various industrial operations.

The R-2000iC Robot Performs In Any Industry 

The R-2000iC series is adept at serving many industries with unmatched efficiency and reliability. In the automotive industry, these Fanuc robots are crucial for heavy component handling and assembly tasks. They are also integral in the metalworking sector, where precision and strength are essential for welding and material processing operations. Furthermore, the series proves invaluable in the logistics and packaging sectors, handling tasks quickly and accurately, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Advantages of Refurbished Fanuc R-2000iC Robots

Investing in a refurbished Fanuc R-2000iC robot provides a cost-efficient solution that does not compromise performance. Refurbished models at T.I.E. are rigorously tested and restored to ensure they meet Fanuc's stringent quality standards. This option offers businesses the advanced technology and capabilities of the R-2000iC series at a more accessible price point, making advanced automation achievable for a broader range of companies.

The Fanuc Edge in Industrial Automation

Choosing Fanuc, especially the R-2000iC series, brings a multitude of benefits. These robots are known for their exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements, contributing to reduced operational costs. Fanuc's extensive network ensures accessible and efficient support and service worldwide, a crucial advantage for global operations. Additionally, the user-friendly interfaces of these robots facilitate ease of use, broadening their appeal across various skill levels.

Fanuc’s Role as an Industrial Automation Leader

Fanuc continues to redefine the manufacturing world with its relentless drive for innovation in robotics and automation. The R-2000iC series is a prime example of Fanuc's forward-thinking approach, setting new benchmarks in robotics technology. By anticipating and addressing the evolving needs of industries, Fanuc solidifies its position as a key innovator and influencer in the future trajectory of manufacturing and industrial processes.

The Fanuc R-2000iC series symbolizes technological advancement and adaptability in industrial robotics, offering sophisticated solutions for various industrial applications. From specific models tailored to unique industry needs to the broad spectrum of industries it serves, the R-2000iC series exemplifies Fanuc's dedication to excellence in automation technology. Integrating an R-2000iC robot into your operations signifies a commitment to a future of efficient, precise and reliable manufacturing underpinned by T.I.E.’s visionary leadership in industrial automation.