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Fanuc ARC Mate Series

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Fanuc ARC Mate Series

Fanuc's ARC Mate series consists of robots designed to improve the quality of welds and robotics. Fanuc ARC Mate robots handle most welding applications and can enhance your production line. As with most Fanuc robots, this series provides an impressive combination of speed, accuracy, and production quality. The ARC Mate series specifically is one of the most versatile welding robots on the market and adds a layer of efficiency to your welding process.

The ARC Mate series provides laser welding, arc welding, soldering and cutting applications for your welding needs. Their intuitive programming and controls make them easy to use, even for weld operators new to Fanuc robotics. ARC Mate robots boast a rugged construction and ensure they can withstand an industrial production environment.

The ARC Mate robot series provides efficient accuracy and repeatability. These welding robots are accustomed to handling higher payloads while still accessing extremely narrow spaces but not sacrificing weld quality or accuracy.

TIE Provides the Fanuc Difference

We offer unparalleled service, making us one of the industry's most respected providers of automation and refurbs. Fanuc products promise less downtime for your automation line. TIE supplies industry-leading automation products, refurbished parts and testing services. Our Fanuc products can provide less downtime for your CNC components and robotics. Browse our refurbished automation parts and factory automation supplies. Contact our team of professionals to learn more about these Fanuc robots and how they can help your business improve production output.