Testing Beds

TIE Repair

When you need a repair, our in-house, experienced technicians offer fast and reliable repair service on most FANUC servo and spindle drives, servo and spindle motors, power supplies and many PCBs for FANUC CNC controls including System 3, 5, 6, 10, 11,12 and FANUC Series 0, 16, 18, 21, and 15 in-house.

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  • If you have a failed part, we can restore it to "like new" condition and save you up to 75% compared to buying a new.
  • Routine motor repairs are available in 4-14 days, with rush service in 1-4 days after evaluation.
  • Routine electronic repairs (drives and controls) are available in 10-14 days after evaluation.
  • Repairs are tested with a FANUC control system to ensure the highest quality.
  • 1 year in-service warranty on all products.

In a hurry? We can ship an exchange today! If your unit is not repairable or if repair is not economical, TIE will provide you with other options from our vast inventory of new and refurbished parts.

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Drive Repair - Before and After.

Before and after comparison of drives

Here is an example of a motor that was sent in to be repaired.

Motor in disrepair

Our team of highly trained service technicians have more than 100 years collective FANUC experience.

Technician servicing a motor

The motor is disassembled, and all parts are inspected, repaired and tested before leaving our warehouse.

Motor disassembled for inspection

"After" picture of repaired motor restored to like-new condition.

Repaired motor

All approved parts are tested in FANUC control test stands to simulate "real world" operating environments and loads:

Test stand array