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A81L-0001-0157 - LINE REACTOR
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Part Number: A81L-0001-0157
Description: LINE REACTOR
Product Series: A81L-0001

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The A81L-0001-0157 Line Reactor is a high-quality and reliable product designed to regulate and improve the performance of electrical systems. With its exceptional features and durable construction, this Line Reactor ensures smooth and efficient operation, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Equipped with TPR (Tapered Shaft) and BRK (Brake) capabilities, this Line Reactor offers enhanced control and stability. The TPR feature provides a tapered shaft design, allowing for precise and accurate movements, while the BRK feature ensures quick and secure braking. These features make it easy to adjust and maintain the desired speed and performance of your system.

The A81L-0001-0157 Line Reactor also includes a Key (Keyed Shaft), which ensures a secure and reliable connection between the reactor and other components of your system. This Keyed Shaft feature eliminates the risk of accidental disconnection and enhances the overall stability of the system.

With its SLK (Slick Shaft) and MDL (Model) features, this Line Reactor offers easy installation and compatibility with various systems and models. The SLK feature provides a sleek and smooth shaft design, allowing for effortless installation and removal. The MDL feature ensures compatibility with different models and systems, eliminating the need for additional modifications or adjustments.

The FLANGE (Flange Mount) and ST (Straight) design of this Line Reactor make it a versatile and flexible choice for mounting and installation. The FLANGE feature allows for easy and secure mounting on various surfaces, while the ST design ensures a straight and aligned connection between the reactor and other components.

Furthermore, the A81L-0001-0157 Line Reactor comes with an INC (Incremental Encoder), providing precise feedback and control over the operation of your system. This Incremental Encoder allows you to monitor and adjust the speed, position, and performance of your system, ensuring optimal efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, the A81L-0001-0157 Line Reactor is a reliable and efficient solution for regulating and improving the performance of your electrical systems. With its advanced features, durable construction, and versatile design, this Line Reactor is a valuable addition to any industrial application.

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