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A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB
after core credit exchange

Your price at time of purchase: Exchange credit will be issued when an economically repairable exchange is received (within two weeks from shipment) with a completed exchange form.

Exchange credit will be issued when an economically repairable exchange is received (within two weeks from shipment) with a completed exchange form.

Purchasing this product requires you to send in your exchange part.

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Part Number: A20B-8100-0350
Description: M-NET PCB
Product Series: A20B-8100

Availability: Available, call for lead time
Core Exchange: Required
Repair: Not offering at this time
The A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB is a highly efficient and reliable product designed to enhance the functionality of your machinery. As part of the A20B-8100 series, this M-NET PCB offers top-notch performance and seamless integration into your existing systems.

With this product, you can expect exceptional availability. Though it is advisable to call for lead time, you can rest assured that you will receive the product in a timely manner. Our commitment to delivering on time ensures minimal downtime for your operations.

Furthermore, a core exchange is required for this product. This means that you will need to return your old or damaged PCB in exchange for the new one. This process guarantees that you are getting a high-quality and fully-functioning product, as we take great care in refurbishing the cores we receive.

Please note that at this time, repair services are not being offered for this particular product. However, rest assured that our team is always working to provide you with the best services and solutions for any issues that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that your machinery operates at its peak performance at all times.

The A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB is meticulously designed and built to meet the highest standards in the industry. Its durability, efficiency, and compatibility make it an excellent choice for enhancing the capabilities of your machinery.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current system or replace a faulty PCB, the A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB is the perfect solution for your needs. Trust in our product's reliability and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

In conclusion, the A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB is a top-of-the-line product that guarantees enhanced performance and seamless integration. With its exceptional availability and core exchange requirement, you can be confident in receiving a high-quality and fully-functioning product. While repair services are not currently available, our team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and the smooth operation of your machinery. Choose the A20B-8100-0350 - M-NET PCB for reliable and efficient performance in your operations.

Repair Specific Instructions:

We offer repair services for this part. When you purchase this option online:
  1. What you pay today is the cost of shipping and the flat-rate repair fee (if applicable)
  2. We will provide you with a shipping label and a parts shipper – be sure to include the parts shipper in the box.
  3. Once the checkout process has been completed you should expect two emails - an order confirmation email and a second email with your shipping label and important instructions.
  4. Once the part arrives at our office, we will contact you with additional information – if flat-rate repair is not available we will provide you with a separate repair quote.