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Part Title:
A06B-1420-B901#0321 - AC SPNDL MDL AiI 1/24000, FLANGE, SLK, FRONT, MI
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Part Number: A06B-1420-B901#0321
Description: AC SPNDL MDL AiI 1/24000, FLANGE, SLK, FRONT, MI
Product Series: A06B-1420

Availability: Call for availability
Core Exchange: Optional
Repair: Not offering at this time
The A06B-1420-B901#0321 is an AC SPNDL MDL AiI 1/24000, FLANGE, SLK, FRONT, MI. This product belongs to the A06B-1420 series, offering high performance and reliability for various industrial applications.

Featuring a Tapered Shaft (TPR) design, this AC spindle model ensures smooth and efficient operation. With its Brake (BRK) functionality, you can easily control the stopping and starting of the spindle, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience.

The Keyed Shaft (Key) feature of this AC SPNDL MDL provides easy installation and secure connection. The Slick Shaft (SLK) design minimizes friction, ensuring smooth rotation and reducing energy consumption.

The FLANGE mount (FLANGE) allows for easy installation and integration into existing systems. It provides stability and support to the spindle, reducing vibration and enhancing overall performance.

Equipped with a Straight (ST) configuration, this AC SPNDL MDL ensures precise and accurate rotation. It is suitable for various industrial applications that require high accuracy and smooth operation.

Additionally, this product includes an Incremental Encoder (INC) which provides precise positioning and feedback. It delivers accurate speed control and high-resolution output, making it ideal for applications that require precision and control.

Please note that the availability of this product may vary, so it is recommended to call for availability. The core exchange option is available as an optional service, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Please note that at this time, repair services are not being offered for this particular product. However, should you require any further assistance or have any questions, our knowledgeable team is available to assist you.

In conclusion, the A06B-1420-B901#0321 AC SPNDL MDL AiI 1/24000, FLANGE, SLK, FRONT, MI is a high-performance spindle model that provides reliability, precision, and efficiency in various industrial applications.

Repair Specific Instructions:

We offer repair services for this part. When you purchase this option online:
  1. What you pay today is the cost of shipping and the flat-rate repair fee (if applicable)
  2. We will provide you with a shipping label and a parts shipper – be sure to include the parts shipper in the box.
  3. Once the checkout process has been completed you should expect two emails - an order confirmation email and a second email with your shipping label and important instructions.
  4. Once the part arrives at our office, we will contact you with additional information – if flat-rate repair is not available we will provide you with a separate repair quote.