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Part Title:
A06B-0279-B330 - AC SERVO MDL AiS60/3000HV, TPR, HP BRK, FAN, a1000
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Part Number: A06B-0279-B330
Description: AC SERVO MDL AiS60/3000HV, TPR, HP BRK, FAN, a1000
Product Series: A06B-0279

Availability: Call for availability
Core Exchange: Optional
Repair: Yes
The A06B-0279-B330 AC SERVO MDL AiS60/3000HV is a high-quality product that boasts several features to enhance its performance. With a tapered shaft (TPR), it offers improved control, precision, and stability. The inclusion of a brake (HP BRK) ensures optimum safety and reliability, allowing for quick and efficient stops.

Equipped with a fan, this product ensures proper ventilation and cooling, preventing any potential issues arising from overheating. The a1000 included in the package confirms its compatibility with the a1000 series, providing seamless integration with other products in the same line.

Part of the A06B-0279 series, this AC SERVO MDL AiS60/3000HV offers exceptional versatility and functionality. The AiS60/3000HV stands for a high voltage AC servo motor that delivers exceptional power to meet demanding industrial requirements. It guarantees top-notch performance and reliability, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

This product is designed to be easily repaired if needed, ensuring a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, it offers the option for core exchange, allowing for a seamless replacement process.

Please note that availability may vary, so we encourage you to call in and inquire about the product's current stock. Our team will be more than happy to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information regarding availability and any further questions you may have.

Invest in the A06B-0279-B330 AC SERVO MDL AiS60/3000HV, TPR, HP BRK, FAN, a1000, and experience unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility for your industrial applications.

Repair Specific Instructions:

We offer repair services for this part. When you purchase this option online:
  1. What you pay today is the cost of shipping and the flat-rate repair fee (if applicable)
  2. We will provide you with a shipping label and a parts shipper – be sure to include the parts shipper in the box.
  3. Once the checkout process has been completed you should expect two emails - an order confirmation email and a second email with your shipping label and important instructions.
  4. Once the part arrives at our office, we will contact you with additional information – if flat-rate repair is not available we will provide you with a separate repair quote.