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Buyer must contact TIE for all warranty concerns. All warranty periods begin at date of installation and are as follows:

All New and Refurbished FANUC motors, drives and electronic part purchases are backed by a 1-year In-Service Warranty.

All Repair FANUC servo motors, spindle motors and electronics come with a 1-year In-Service Warranty (limited to the parts and labor performed by TIE).

All Repair electronics must be returned for warranty evaluation.

New and Refurbished Part purchases with failures occurring within the first 90 days of the warranty period are eligible to receive immediate replacement based on current payment terms, including return shipment to Buyer via the same method as original shipment if shipped by common carrier. Special shipments and international orders are excluded. Warranty replacement depends on stock quantities. TIE must receive the possible warranty part for evaluation within 14 days of Buyer receiving the replacement part to receive warranty credit. If the possible warranty is not returned, Buyer is responsible for all charges. If Buyer requests part be shipped a different method, Buyer must sign a quote accepting additional shipping charges.

Once part is returned and evaluated, either:

a.) TIE confirms valid warranty fault. Full purchase price plus shipping cost is credited to Buyer if a 90 day replacement part was charged to customer; not including any additional charges such as after hours fees

b.) TIE confirms part is a No Problem Found, (NPF). Buyer is responsible for restock charges (see restocking and exchanges). If Buyer requests return of NPF part, Buyer is responsible for a rush test fee and shipping charges.

c.) TIE confirms part is not covered under warranty (see #8). Buyer has option to:

    • Repair (Buyer responsible for repair cost and return shipping)


    • Purchase or exchange if applicable

After 90 days and for the remainder of the warranty period, TIE will, at its sole option and expense, repair or replace any parts found to be defective and/or correct any repair work found to be improperly performed or refund the purchase price, provided Buyer has contacted TIE, Buyer has received a Return Merchandise Authorization number and has returned the part to TIE's location. Buyer is responsible for properly packaging and returning any defective part(s) to TIE. If a part or repair performed by TIE is under warranty, found to be defective, and Buyer received a Return Authorization, TIE will refund the cost of shipping part(s) back to TIE to Buyer when Buyer provides TIE with documentation of shipping cost. At its sole discretion, TIE may use new or used parts to repair or to replace defective parts purchased from TIE, and all replaced parts shall become the property of TIE.